Sonic's Drive In 
1851 Main Street, FerndaleWA 98248 | http://www.sonicdrivein.com/
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Sorry, school started so I've been really busy lately. But I finally found time to do an update. This was a while ago, but here you go! 

Last minute Sonic's Run, I have only heard rumours about this place so I was super excited to try for myself. I live in Vancouver so its about a 15-30 minute drive to get there. Depending on traffic and wait time at the border of course. At first I thought it was going to be in the premium outlet area (Exit 202) , but surprisingly it was really close to the border!

Sonic's is located in this plaza called Ferndale Station

The drive-in! its actually really big, almost like a parking lot. You order through the speaker thing on the menu and someone on roller blades brings your food to you

The menu

My cheeseburger, I'm really picky when it come to the patty, some are too dry, some too oily, but this one was just right. not oily on the outside and super juicy on the inside. Although the wait was long, the freshness of the food was so worth it.
 Chili Cheese pops
 Mozzasticks, crunchy on the outside and melted on the inside. I noticed that the cheese seem to be on only one side of the mozzastick though.
Chili Cheese Dogs
My shake <3
Sonic's closes at 12am! 
At the border waiting to go home

Sonic's, I definetely will be coming back.

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