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An Introduction

Hi, I’m Jennifer, a Canadian-born Chinese, currently residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the face behind Hyaru. 

I’m a trend-setting socialite with a passion for modeling, nutrition and travel. Back in 2011, I started blogging for the first time. I was a student without a purpose, so I took a year off school and set out to do some soul-searching.

My adventuring led me to beauty pageants. I participated in Miss Chinese Vancouver 2011 and was chosen to be one of the top ten finalists. This was more than a dream come true, this was an opportunity that led me to an even greater passion: Blogging.

So what’s my blog about?

Hyaru shares makeup reviews from a variety of different product lines, the latest in trend-spotting across the globe, and restaurant reviews from Vancouver and rare eateries around the world. Is travel your thing? Would you love to learn more about Vancouver and gain greater insight into the world outside your window?

Hyaru is a blog designed to engage and inspire. So whether you’re looking for an in-depth description or an oh-so-decadent photo gallery, sit back, relax and let Hyaru take care of the rest. 

Advertise with me!

I am a food fanatic so I will go out and explore new restaurants and cafes more often than I should. None of my restaurant reviews are sponsored and reviews are based on my honest opinions. Restaurant suggestions are always welcomed.

All products reviewed on my blog are 100% honest and of my own opinions. What works for me may not work for you so read the labels and use at your own risk. All products are bought and tested by myself unless stated otherwise.

Sponsored posts and Advertisements will always be disclosed by 'small print' at the top of the post.

Should you have any questions/comments/concerns or if you would like me to review your product or your restaurant please email 

Thank you for visiting!

Much Love,