Five Guys, Five Guys!

Five Guys Burger and Fries
15011 NE 24th StreetRedmondWA 98052 (148th Ave NE) | (425) 643-8111 |

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Its been a really long time since I've first heard of Five Guys Burgers and Fries. But only recently did i have the chance to try it, reason being the only Five Guys location i knew of was all the way in Surrey and I did not drive back then, which made it kind of impossible to go try.

Anyways this past weekend i went on a mini road trip with my family to Portland (just for the weekend~). Theres no tax in Portland which is why everything feels cheaper. It was a long drive from Vancouver to Portland so we made a quick stop for food, we were going to go to Jack-in-the-box when my sister and i spotted Five Guys hiding behind.

We just had to go try!!

Walking into the place, the ground was covered in peanut shells, this made me question "Are all Five Guys like this?", "Where did all the peanut shells come from?". The questions in my head kept coming so I asked the cashier. It turns out they have a box of peanuts for the customers to munch on and the customers just so happens like to throw their shells on the floor.

Anyways, I've been a huge fan of In-n-Out Burgers for a while now, so I really wanted to know what made Five Guys so different, and why do I hear people raving about their stuff.

So after reading some of the posters they had on the walls I learnt that Five guys cooks with peanut oil,  peanut oil is low in saturated fats, free from cholesterol and contains essential fatty acids such as omega-6 making it one of the healthiest oils to cook with.

Our burgers & peanuts 

Can you see how soft the buns are?? 

The patty was made in front of us when we made our order. One of the juicier patties I've had, my mom actually prefers this over the generic fast food burgers from Vancouver, reasons being:

a) The patty was made in front of us meaning that they were not pre cooked, because of this the burger tasted juicier and fresher.
b) Although the price is a littler higher than average but you're getting what you paid for (which is above average). And plus an average burger at McDonalds is around $5
c) There is a long list of toppings for you to add to your burger, this way every burger is customized to satisfy your tastebuds 
d) Free peanuts!!

It wasn't until later that I found out each Five Guys burger actually contains less calories than a McDonalds burger. You can find a detailed list of nutrition content of each burger HERE.

LUCY'S: What happened?

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I loved Lucy's so much i had to go back again, this time I took A with me. throughout the whole car ride there I was telling her how great the food at Lucy's was, and how its conveniently opened 24 hours a day. (Perfect for late night munchies after clubbing)

I was quite happy at first, we got there around 11pm, there wasn't a lot of people (only 3 tables) so we didn't have to wait to be seated. The waitress seemed jolly, but it did however take some time for someone to come over and take our order (surprisingly it was one of staff that was getting off)

I ordered the Mac n' Cheese and Pulled Pork Hoagie again, this order comes with either a soup or fries on the side, the person who took my order did not ask me what I wanted so I had to call him back and tell him that I wanted to try their chicken noodle soup (which at the time was their soup of the day).

When the food came out it looked promising, however from the moment i saw it I noticed that the pulled pork was less juicy compared to the first time i had it (I remember there was so much juice it was dripping everywhere). The Mac n' Cheese was not cheesy at all, in fact the cheese was clumpy. The chicken noodle soup was tasteless and watery (not to mention it looked a little green).

Throughout the whole time I kept telling myself that it doesn't taste as good because I've been over indulging but I was wrong. It wasn't until I got home and took a good look at the two pictures I took.

I will let you guys find the differences:



March Topbox

I was actually supposed to get my Topbox in the mail last Friday, but I guess there was some complications in the process of delivery my Topbox to my house so I had to go pick it up at the post office today along with my Bhiner stuff.

Anyways here is what I got:

Aveda Carribean Therapy Body Cream - a rich body crime with Carribean mango cocoa butter and warm island aromas. The price for the full sized product is $42 (200ml) our sample from toobox is 25ml which is the perfect size for my bag! I'm really picky when it comes to hand cream just because I can't stand the sticky or oily residue and a lot of creams just gets soaked into my skin and disappears, in that case i don't see the point in using it at all because it didn't make a difference. With this one the addition of cocoa butter makes it really smooth and non-sticky, it doesn't have that oily feeling, and a little product goes a long way! I used 2 pea sized drops for both my hands. You know how some creams feel really smooth and nice until you start touching your legs or arms? You know.. Skin that you didn't apply the cream on! It feels weird like your hands are dirty. That's what I dislike! The scent is very gentle and doesn't hurt my nose.

Loreal Professional Mythic Oil - discover mythic oil - the beautifying nourishing oil for the Cleopatra in you! Full size: $26 (125ml) it says this product was made it France, I always have a thing for European products I live by hair treatments, oils and masks. Couple years ago my hair was badly damaged, long story but because of that I learnt to really take care of my hair. One thing I use in my hair routine is serums (oil form). This allows my hair to be smoother and less tangly making it easier to work with when I tie or comb through it. Loreal actually has a high end line of hair care called keratese which is really pricey, but it works wonders. in my experience no matter what you do dead hair is dead and can not be revived, in order for your hair to grow you have to get rid of the split ends. What i do is i trim my hair a little bit a month because as much as i want my hair to grow back faster i cant bare to see myself with a bob. Yes its that serious, but by doing so my hair has gotten a lot healthier and is growing back a lot faster, which means I can now trim more. Mythic oil is new to me so I will have to test this out in order to actually review it

Maskeraide hydrating facial sheet masks (I don't want to grow up) - Maskeraide is a unique line of super hydrating facial sheet masks created for fabulous lifestyles! Full size: $4.99/ sheet , $19 /4-pack This Mask claims to lift, firm and soften fine lines. I remember receiving one of these in one of the past topboxes... I still haven't tried it yet, the truth is, every time I go Asia I always stock up on masks, and now I have too much so I have to use them all before they expire and become waste.

Vera Wang - Lovestruck Floral Rush -  Lovestruck has bloomed! A sparkling floral bouquet that blooms with instant attraction. Full size : $79 (50ml), $105 (100ml) I've been a fan of Vera Wang ever since the original Princess came out. I'm a huge sucker for really sweet scents especially those with vanilla added to it. Lovestruck isn't a very sweet scent but rather a light floral scent. I feel like it is one i would wear all four seasons, something light enough for me to wear to work and yet seductive enough to get someones attention. It is definitely a very playful smell.