Best Mediterranean Food

Cioppino's Mediterranean Grill 
 1133 Hamilton St Vancouver, BC (604) 688-7466 |

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Came here for A's birthday a while ago... will let the pictures speak for themselves because words can not describe how good the food was.

Digby Scallops
Oven roasted , sweet tomato confit , tender artichokes
This dish was the most delightful in my opinion, as you can see it came with 3 big scallops. With the pairing of either the sweet tomato confit, tender artichokes or both, each bite had its own unique taste.

Beef Carpaccio
 Sliced AAA Canadian beef , Parmigiano , Harry’s bar mustard dressing
I'm a big fan of Japanese beef carpaccio, so this was definitely a must try when we saw it on the menu. Unlike Japanese beef carpaccio, this was more rich and savoury. A wonderful start to a wonderful meal.

Foie Gras
I have to say that foie gras has never been something I go crazy for, partially because I dislike the powdery texture of cooked liver. But then again that was before I tried the foie gras at Cioppino's. The foie gras here is cooked to perfection. There was nothing powdery about it, in fact from the minute it entered your mouth it melts and disappears, leaving you with the sweet aftertaste of the sauce. One order may not be enough.

Boar Meat (Special of the day)
The words boar meat sounded so intriguing as it is very rare to find it served at a restaurant, so we just had to try. To our surprise it was unlike what we thought it would be (tough meat, smelly) it was soft and delicate with the right fat-to-meat ratio - Another must try  

Linguine - Atlantic half lobster , tomato-cream-lobster sauce
Was very impressed with the size of the lobster. The lobster to pasta ratio was perfect and you can clearly tell that the lobster was not a side and was in fact a part of the meal as a whole.

Classic Lobster Bisque - served with Pacific crab-apple-celery root rémoulade
This is another must have at Cioppino's, the richest most savoury lobster bisque I've had so far.

Price:  $$$$

Conclusion: Good food, wonderful service, lovely atmosphere. What more can a girl ask for?  Undoubtedly one of the pricier restaurants out there, but surely it is worth every penny.

*** Please note that items with a "*" are items I was too hungry to take pictures of, but reviewed anyways. 

Uncle Lu

Uncle Lu 安可盧萬巒豬腳
3779 Sexsmith Rd Richmond, BC (604) 370-0250

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To be honest, based on what it looks like from the outside, I really thought this was a fancy tea shop for the longest time. Which is why I never bothered to try it. Until recently.

Uncle Lu aka sister store of Corner 23 is always packed with people. At times you really have to seat yourself, and the food takes a while to come out, so I would not suggest coming here if you are in a rush.

They tend to alternate their teas (sometimes within the hour which bugs me as I do not appreciate drinking a mixture of red and green tea, I am a food purist in that sense) but I absolutely love the aroma of their red tea.

Below is a compilation of the foods we have eaten as I have been here too many times.

Chicken With Thai Style Spicy Chili Sauce
I expected some special Thai sauce made in house, but this was literally the Thai Spicy Chili Sauce you can buy at the market

Fried Pork With Sweet and Sour Sauce

Taiwanese Style Pork Sausage

Sliced Pork With Garlic Sauce
Classic Taiwanese Dish! :)

Wan Luan Pork Hock
First time having this dish so I can't compare it to much, but very well marinated and the sauce definitely hit the spot.

Chicken With Three Spice Sauce
My All Time Favourite, Really impressed as I can say Uncle Lu is probably one of my top 3 go to places for this dish

Malaysian Fever

Ipoh Asian House
2128 E Hastings St Vancouver, BC (604) 251-3322

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Finally got the chance to come here after hearing my parents rave about Ipoh for months.

As a family, we usually go out for Vietnamese food, but recently they've caught the Malaysian fever. We have been having Malaysian food every week now.

Anyways, Ipoh has a really simple modern look.

In short: Chinese owned, Chinese chef, BIG portions, affordable prices :)

Quick snap of the menu

Fish maw soup
Not bad at all! Lots of fish maw and enough for everyone to have seconds. (4 of us)

Crab (Forgot which style of crab)
We were supposed to dip the crab in "sauce" (the paste of sauce leftover from cooking), when asked "what sauce?" the waitress brought over curry for dipping.

We also had Roti Canai, a veggie dish and $1 Chicken (their special at the time).

* The rest of the pictures are MIA as the owner of this blog may have been too hungry.

Price:  $$

Conclusion: Nice place to go for lunch/dinner. A good alternative to taiwanese bubble tea houses. Go for their big portions, but don't expect to have authentic, authentic Malaysian food here.