August Topbox

Its that time of the month again!!! I love getting things in the mail especially when its from Topbox
This is what it looks like inside, this months topbox was filled to the top with only one little piece of purple wrapping paper.
Shampoo and condition
Mini bottle of Chloe body lotion. Been wanting to get this for a while now.
Moisturizing Gel by Kellett. Goes on super light and smooth. 
Marc Jacobs newest perfume, DOT. I love mini perfume bottles.
Expressions blending brush. 
Pink Wipes. I dont know if you can see but on the bottom-right of the backside is a little bunny and underneath that, it says "cruelty free and vegan".


Bone Sushi
4540 #3 Rd Ste 1040, Richmond | 604.303.7735 | bonesushi.com

Bone Sushi on Urbanspoon

This is a really small restaurant located in Empire Center, I say in because its part of this plaza but it's actually right on the outside facing No.3 Road. I'm a huge fan of specialty rolls, so if you're like me then you would know that these rolls get pretty pricy sometimes. I came here for lunch one day with V and we absolutely fell in love with this place, it's like our newest addiction! 

This place is small but unlike the average sushi place, its so modern and cute, kind of reminds me of Pearl Castle, Orange Corner, those bbt cafes.
Cute artwork on the wall. All hand drawn, must have taken a really really long time!!

Both V and I have very small stomachs so we chose 1 roll each to start off. One thing I desperately wanted to try was the Monkey Tokyo Roll, according to the menu, theres no seaweed or rice. 

As you can see this roll mainly consists of imitation crab with a piece of banana in the middle. This is a must try.

The other roll we got was their special at the time, Rainbow Roll

Picture of the Rainbow Roll and Monkey Tokyo Roll together.

I definitely will be coming here more often.


VIVE (Beijing): Review & Swatch

 I've never heard of this brand before, but I got these as souvenirs from a friend. I got 3 in total, eye shadow, lipgloss, and blush. They all look the same on the outside, the only difference is the label on the back, but I'm a huge sucker for design and packaging, therefore: This got me. I love the hexagonal shape and how its magnetic so it snaps close, I find that boxes that "click" close tend to be very harsh on my brittle nails and often breaks or chips them. I like growing out my nails, so I would consider those as a dislike.
A picture of all my goodies together.
 01 Brilliance Powder Blush palette, pinky-orange color, has micro copper-gold sparkle is suitable for everyday use to achieve that healthy glow look.
06 Dewy Shine Lip Gloss, I love this, its super moisturizing, I have really dry lips that often crack and peel if i don't protect them. But unlike other brands that make your lips dry up even more this lip gloss continues to moisturize. It gives a bit of a nude lips effect which has been really popular and its not sticky, so your hair won't get caught.
Here is a swatch of the lip gloss, my lips are naturally pink, so if you have dark, more pigmented lip results may vary.
02 Brilliance Eyeshadow palette, as you can see there are 2 colors. Perfect for contouring my eyes to make them pop!


Provence Marinaside Restaurant
1177 Marinaside Cre | 604.681.4144 | http://www.provencevancouver.com

Provence Marinaside Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Came here for brunch with K and his dad the other day. Provence has a large variety of Benedicts to choose from. I personally love eggs, so the selection of egg benedicts were a definite appeal to me. Aside from the breakfast menu, pastas were also very appealing.

We started off with a Fish Soup, K started munching on the crackers and cheese that came with fish soup, so I was unable to take a picture. I was simply too slow :( . But I got to taste it, and I have to say it tastes a little fishy but nonetheless I enjoyed it.

This is what K got, Shrimp and Crab Cake Eggs Benedict, a combination of shrimp and crab- very interesting combination but delicious at the same time, I've had crab cakes before but I've never seen this on any other menu.

My dish, Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, I love smoke salmon and I love eggs. My 2 favorites in one! This had 3 layers unlike the crab cake, first egg, then smoked salmon and lastly cornbread/ corn pancake! At first I thought it was a pancake, but then later found pieces of corn inside.

Because it was K daddy's birthday we had a slice of chocolate cake, I can't seem to find the exact name, but it was rich! The most creamiest, chocolatiest cake - without the bittersweet taste.


I got this blush a while ago as a gift but never got around to actually using it. Found it laying around when I was getting ready to go out and absolutely fell in love with the colors. They're in the perfect shade of pink and can easily be layered to darken the color.

 I really love the design of Jill Stuart products, before I found out about this brand I thought it was under Anna Sui. I went store to store looking for their mirror (which I finally found) and learnt from the sales that the Jill Stuart mirror was an award winning design.
 My blush set, with detachable blush brush
 Closer view of my mini blush brush, can you see all the details?
  Notice the pink rhinestone is used to push the brush up
The colors in this palette, this is the 01 Baby Blush

note: It was too hard to swatch this, as the colors were too light to be captured by my camera :(
Makeup of the day :)


BURGOO - Kitsilano 
2272 W. 4th Ave. Vancouver | Tel.(604) 734-3478 | http://burgoo.ca/

Burgoo on Urbanspoon

I don't know why but I was craving for sandwiches today, not any old sandwich, but the sandwiches from Burgoo. I remember I came here back in April, it was my first time and I loved ever since! Its situated in such a nice neighborhood, 4th Avenue, my high school was near here so I'm quite familiar with the area. They have 4 locations all over the mainland and have great reviews on urbanspoon (84% and up).

Menu - Really nice texture!

I heard they have the est cheese fondue, never got the chance to try it :(
 This was a date with my boyfriend so we each got a Soup + Sandwich
 Didn't end up ordering dessert cause we were both so full :(
 Indoor area where we sat, we went around 3pm and it was a really nice day so it was empty inside
 The outdoor area, Hello Mr. Sunshine! long time no see!
 My meal: Seafood Portage (soup) + Dos Diablos (sandwich)
My boyfriends meal: Straight up Tomato (soup) + Gooey Cheese Grillers (sandwich)

I just love they way they make their sandwiches, crunchy on the outside and filled with melty cheese and other good stuff on the inside. I thought the Straight up Tomato soup was a little sour, but it really grows on you, definitely a perfect match for the Gooey Cheese Grillers. As for the Seafood Potage, lots of mussels/ clam, I can't really tell the difference but nonetheless a really creamy soup, kind of reminds me of clam chowder. Dos Diablos = my favorite! I really can't put into words how good this was. Really have to try it for yourself.
They give you your bill and change in a dim sum container with little thank you sweets, their not in the picture cause obviously we ate them
Until next time!


Waking up to another lazy day, computer on my left and Heero on my right watching Bunheads on TV. As an ex-ballerina myself, I feel like I can really connect with the theme, the whole ballet/ dance thing just really gets me.

Enjoying my morning until someone rudely interrupts my knocking on my door, which is weird because there is something called a doorbell...a bell or set of chimes to be rung usually by a push button at an outer door - www.m-w.com

It turns out someone was here to deliver my parcel!! Anyways Heero goes crazy barking at the mailman and I quickly signed and open my parcel.

This is what I got in the mail:

 button and camera sticker for my Samsung Galaxy II
Now everything will finally match!

And for those of you who don't know who Heero is...

Heero is my 2 year old teacup Pomeranian, you can find more information on him HERE
or follow him on instagram HERE


Bored on a Sunday.  

I was browsing through Etsy and came across these really pretty indie nail polishes by Black Cat Lacquer. Fell in love with "let them eat cake" and was inspired to make my own!

ta dah!! I call it .. Bored on Sunday
for here I used Liquid Leather - OPI for base and applied one layer over top creating a galaxy like effect.

and then I realized.. I can achieve the "ombre look"

I didn't have a nail wheel with me, so I used nail tips instead

Available for Purchase Here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/106727997/bored-on-sunday