Bone Sushi
4540 #3 Rd Ste 1040, Richmond | 604.303.7735 | bonesushi.com

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This is a really small restaurant located in Empire Center, I say in because its part of this plaza but it's actually right on the outside facing No.3 Road. I'm a huge fan of specialty rolls, so if you're like me then you would know that these rolls get pretty pricy sometimes. I came here for lunch one day with V and we absolutely fell in love with this place, it's like our newest addiction! 

This place is small but unlike the average sushi place, its so modern and cute, kind of reminds me of Pearl Castle, Orange Corner, those bbt cafes.
Cute artwork on the wall. All hand drawn, must have taken a really really long time!!

Both V and I have very small stomachs so we chose 1 roll each to start off. One thing I desperately wanted to try was the Monkey Tokyo Roll, according to the menu, theres no seaweed or rice. 

As you can see this roll mainly consists of imitation crab with a piece of banana in the middle. This is a must try.

The other roll we got was their special at the time, Rainbow Roll

Picture of the Rainbow Roll and Monkey Tokyo Roll together.

I definitely will be coming here more often.

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