Urban Decay: Naked | Swatch

I know the Naked 2 palette is out now and its a little late to do a swatch and review for the original Naked palette, but personal preference, this one is by far my favorite. I don't dress up often and my closet consists of mainly neutral and occasional bright colors, which is probably why I love this palette so much. I love contouring and filling in my eyebrows with virgin and buck.

Its everything I need!

As you can see my palette is starting to wear out - I got this back in September? (so its been with me for almost a year now)
I'm using the Detrivore Eye Shadow Primer <-- link
I usually get really lazy and give up using primers, but i really like this one, its thick but at the same it has this sticky feeling that helps hold your eyeshadow in place.

virgin and sin were too light so they got cut off  :(


  1. Great swatches! Thanks for the comment on my blog doll :) I'd love if we'd follow each other!