January's Topbox

I actually received this 2 days ago but I've been too sick with the flu to get out of bed to take pictures until today.

This month's topbox was all from Clinique. I have used Clinique in the past but I find it too harsh on my skin. Back in high school when I had combination to oily skin I would use Clinque religiously, and then one day I learnt that your skin produces oil sometimes because its actually too dry and dehydrated. Producing oily is your skin's way of replenishing itself, so I started to moisturize more. I invested in serums and creams and my skin got better! I currently have dry to normal skin and occasionally it can be sensitive.

What I got for this month's top box...

Just a bird's eye view of the inside of my box

Clarifying Lotion I have used their whole 1-2-3 line in the past and I found that it when it came to their clarifying lotion, it was too drying and it felt and smelt as if alcohol was added because every time I use it, it would burn. I am still thinking if I should give it another try (probably not because my skin is dry enough as it is).

 Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent (Oil free) I use makeup on a daily basis so makeup remover is really important to me, I am currently using Philosophy's one-step facial cleanser which I love because its so convenient but there is no harm in Clinique to my night time ritual. After testing this out I find that it is very light and gentle and it does the job. Best of all no traces of oil at all however it is slightly scented (floral).

Color Surge Eye Shadow Duo (02 Like Mink) My favorite item in the box, just because I favor makeup above skin care. That doesn't mean I don't take care of my skin, I'm just very picky when it comes to skin care. I have bought  eye shadows from Clinque before and like the eye shadows I've bought in the past I felt that the colors aren't pigmented enough and a lot of the time the colors looks good in their original packaging but seems to disappoint me when I come to use it.

Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector I bought this for my mom when it first came out,  it's not something I need as I do not have any wrinkles yet. The product itself feels very light, very moisturizing and gets absorbed in to the skin very fast. This is a serum so will have to use this will a moisturizer and night creme.

Like I said before when it comes to skin cake I am really picky, would definitely like to see more make up in the future.

CHIHULI Garden and Glass

The following weekend after Black Friday I tagged along with K and his family to further explore Seattle, as part of the trip we went to Chihuli Garden and Glass Exhibition beside the Seattle Space Needle. Be prepared to see lots and lots of pictures!

 Poster outside

 Picture of Chihuli working on his art

 Intoduction to this specific room : Glass Forest

Glass Forest

Northwest Room

Trade blankets


Sealife Room

 Close up






Quick Sketch

Does anyone recognize these? I remember seeing them in Las Vegas and at the Glass Museum in Seattle

Enough Pictures, you must go see for yourself!

New Year, New Resolutions

As 2013 approach us, we start thinking about how can we better ourselves for the year to come. I am not a perfect human which means there is a long list of things I would like to work on. As I always tell myself, goals are there to tell you what you want to achieve one day in the future, not tomorrow.

I want to take the time to look back and thank you those who made this year a good year, to those that opened doors for me and presented me new opportunities, to those that gave me care, love and support when I needed it the most, to those that stepped out of my life to teach me that nothing stays the same forever, to my family for giving me the love and warmth a child needs (even though I am no longer a child, it's nice to be treated like one every now and then) and lastly to my readers.

So with a new year cone new resolutions and mine can be found below.

. Catch up on posts
. More fashion & Lookbook updates
. Update blog more frequently
. Find a job
. Maintain a monthly balance of $2000 in my bank (yes, I am very poor :[ )
. Read a book
. Drink more water
. Take care of my skin
. Learn to workout regularly
. Graduate
. Take Heero out more often

Giveaway Results

Congratulations to… RIS!

You are the chosen one. The Stile lip glaze set is yours.

Please inbox me your shipping address as soon as possible.

Sorry for the late update I have been out of town for the past 3 weeks and it has been hard looking for wifi.

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and thank you for the continuos support! Looking forward to seeing more of you all in the future and stay tuned for  more giveaways.

Note: this drawing is done using the help of a generator (random.org)

- there were 18 comments so I set the generator to choose a number between 1 and 18 
- the result was 3
- 3 down from the list was Ris

First Giveaway!


I recently discovered a website called Fiver and have ten addicted to it since!

On this website people offer to do a variety of tasks for the price of $5.

For a while now I've been thinking of changing the name of my blog as "hyaru" was supposed to be something temporary, the only problem is, I haven't been able to find anything that really inspired me. If you read my blog then you would know I don't specialize in only one thing (e.g. make up, food, travel, photography etc.) you get the idea… This blog is more of a collection of my life and my current favourites

Anyways bottom line is I decided to give Fiver a try, I looked up "blog name" and BOOM!
A never ending list of people and their services they are offering. I chose this one from reluctant just because he was amongst the higher rated sellers with a whooping 99% gig rating (that's almost 100%!!) 

I just have to say this guy is a genius! I have no idea where he comes up with these ideas but i loved all of them, which is why I'm having trouble deciding what to choose.

Which brings me to my next point and first giveaway, I will be needing your help deciding on a new blog name, so until January 11, 2013 you have the opportunity to vote and leave me a comment (winner will be randomly selected from comments below, so don't forget to comment!) Since Christmas is coming up real soon I will be giving away a Stila trio pack - harvest set  picture will be uploaded shortly. You can click here for more information on this set.

Note: This is not a sponsored advertisement as I bought the prize myself.