Ying Ge Old Street, New Taipei

239台灣新北市鶯歌區文化路275號 | http://yingge.tw/

Near the place we stay is Ying Ge old street, there are many of these "old streets" all over Taiwan but this one is recognized for its pottery and porcelain production. Recently my boyfriend has been really interested in teas and Chinese culture so he was determined to find a traditional tea set.
walking down the street, enjoying the scenery
found a hidden high tea place - it was too late so we didn't get to try 
 Bumble beee??? is that you?
nope. just a super cute looking food truck!
more food trucks!


老頭擺, Taoyuan
325 桃園縣龍潭鄉中正路三坑段546號

So, 30mins from taipei is a place called Long Tan. Unlike Taipei, the buildings are much shorter and older, and many farms can be seen during the car ride there. Anyways due to the population this place is best known for their traditional Hakka food. 

chickens that greeted us as we approached the entrance
the entrance

this was used to harvest wheat in the past, wheat goes in to the opening at the top and rice comes out the bottom
 and this was what farmers wore (rain jacket-left shoes-right)
in the dining area, I think this was a radio?

Famous Hakka dishes:

steamed pork with pickled mustard greens 梅菜扣肉 -mei cai kou rou
Hakka stirfry - 客家小炒 -ke jia xiao cao
chicken - 土雞 -tu ji
 ginger pork intestine薑絲炒大腸 -jiang si chao da chang
mushroom chicken soup蘑菇雞湯-mo gu ji tang


Happy 2nd Birthday Hero!

Breed:  Teacup Pomeranian 
Age: 2
Weight: 3 lbs
Horoscope: Leo
Likes: mommy, treats, snuggling, going for walks, meeting new friends, broccoli
Dislikes: being in the car, being dirty, loud sounds
Favorite Food: Beggin' Bacon Strips

Hero's first time in the snow
My baby being lazy
Being a piggy


First post.

Since I'm in Taiwan with nothing to do, I am going to try to experiment with Blogger and hopefully change my page template. Maybe try to customize, but first must download Photoshop.

Good luck to me.