Provence Marinaside Restaurant
1177 Marinaside Cre | 604.681.4144 | http://www.provencevancouver.com

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Came here for brunch with K and his dad the other day. Provence has a large variety of Benedicts to choose from. I personally love eggs, so the selection of egg benedicts were a definite appeal to me. Aside from the breakfast menu, pastas were also very appealing.

We started off with a Fish Soup, K started munching on the crackers and cheese that came with fish soup, so I was unable to take a picture. I was simply too slow :( . But I got to taste it, and I have to say it tastes a little fishy but nonetheless I enjoyed it.

This is what K got, Shrimp and Crab Cake Eggs Benedict, a combination of shrimp and crab- very interesting combination but delicious at the same time, I've had crab cakes before but I've never seen this on any other menu.

My dish, Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, I love smoke salmon and I love eggs. My 2 favorites in one! This had 3 layers unlike the crab cake, first egg, then smoked salmon and lastly cornbread/ corn pancake! At first I thought it was a pancake, but then later found pieces of corn inside.

Because it was K daddy's birthday we had a slice of chocolate cake, I can't seem to find the exact name, but it was rich! The most creamiest, chocolatiest cake - without the bittersweet taste.


  1. Oh I've tried the crab cake n eggs beny anddd the fish soup as well cause V told me about it after XD It was soooo good!

    We also got the seafood appey with mussels, clams, shrimp, etc in it. pretty yummy too!

  2. HAhaha The food here was SO good!! But sounds like you've sampled more of their menu than we did! Must go eat together again soon!