VIVE (Beijing): Review & Swatch

 I've never heard of this brand before, but I got these as souvenirs from a friend. I got 3 in total, eye shadow, lipgloss, and blush. They all look the same on the outside, the only difference is the label on the back, but I'm a huge sucker for design and packaging, therefore: This got me. I love the hexagonal shape and how its magnetic so it snaps close, I find that boxes that "click" close tend to be very harsh on my brittle nails and often breaks or chips them. I like growing out my nails, so I would consider those as a dislike.
A picture of all my goodies together.
 01 Brilliance Powder Blush palette, pinky-orange color, has micro copper-gold sparkle is suitable for everyday use to achieve that healthy glow look.
06 Dewy Shine Lip Gloss, I love this, its super moisturizing, I have really dry lips that often crack and peel if i don't protect them. But unlike other brands that make your lips dry up even more this lip gloss continues to moisturize. It gives a bit of a nude lips effect which has been really popular and its not sticky, so your hair won't get caught.
Here is a swatch of the lip gloss, my lips are naturally pink, so if you have dark, more pigmented lip results may vary.
02 Brilliance Eyeshadow palette, as you can see there are 2 colors. Perfect for contouring my eyes to make them pop!

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