January's Topbox

I actually received this 2 days ago but I've been too sick with the flu to get out of bed to take pictures until today.

This month's topbox was all from Clinique. I have used Clinique in the past but I find it too harsh on my skin. Back in high school when I had combination to oily skin I would use Clinque religiously, and then one day I learnt that your skin produces oil sometimes because its actually too dry and dehydrated. Producing oily is your skin's way of replenishing itself, so I started to moisturize more. I invested in serums and creams and my skin got better! I currently have dry to normal skin and occasionally it can be sensitive.

What I got for this month's top box...

Just a bird's eye view of the inside of my box

Clarifying Lotion I have used their whole 1-2-3 line in the past and I found that it when it came to their clarifying lotion, it was too drying and it felt and smelt as if alcohol was added because every time I use it, it would burn. I am still thinking if I should give it another try (probably not because my skin is dry enough as it is).

 Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent (Oil free) I use makeup on a daily basis so makeup remover is really important to me, I am currently using Philosophy's one-step facial cleanser which I love because its so convenient but there is no harm in Clinique to my night time ritual. After testing this out I find that it is very light and gentle and it does the job. Best of all no traces of oil at all however it is slightly scented (floral).

Color Surge Eye Shadow Duo (02 Like Mink) My favorite item in the box, just because I favor makeup above skin care. That doesn't mean I don't take care of my skin, I'm just very picky when it comes to skin care. I have bought  eye shadows from Clinque before and like the eye shadows I've bought in the past I felt that the colors aren't pigmented enough and a lot of the time the colors looks good in their original packaging but seems to disappoint me when I come to use it.

Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector I bought this for my mom when it first came out,  it's not something I need as I do not have any wrinkles yet. The product itself feels very light, very moisturizing and gets absorbed in to the skin very fast. This is a serum so will have to use this will a moisturizer and night creme.

Like I said before when it comes to skin cake I am really picky, would definitely like to see more make up in the future.


  1. i always use clinique products.
    it's such a good combinations of essentials here!

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  2. Amazing products dear, I use Clinique too :)
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    1. I definetely suggest you L'Eclatante about Chanel, it' s a flirty pink sooooo cute!!!

  3. Nice photography! :) Agree with your post, prefer makeup too