Hey it's Lucy!

Lucy's Eastside Diner
2708 Main Street, VancouverBC | (604) 568-1550 | www.lucyseastsidediner.com

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I've been to diners before and to be honest I enjoy them very much. The feeling of being in a diner is like being put into a time machine that been set to go back to the 50's. A time period I wished I live in, with their high waisted shorts, polka dot dresses and big hair. The time where Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn ruled the fashion and entertainment world. Speaking of which have you all seen that new commercial featuring Audrey Hepburn? I know it's a remake but it's so real it's kind of scary!!

Okay now I'm just rambling.. Back to Lucy's!

I don't go to Main often so I'm usually oblivious to a lot of the restaurants there. K and I got here at around 1am, it was my first time here, so I didn't know they open 24 hrs a day, which is amazing! I mean, how many places in Vancouver do you know that's opened past 12? It's rare!

Anyways here is the menu..  ( I was shocked to see that the majority of the menu was under $10 - you don't see that everyday, even McDonald's meals are $10+ after taxes) Sorry for the horrible quality, you can find the electronic version of it HERE.

K got the Pulled Pork Sammie with a side of fries, which I thought was just decent. The bread was super soft and fresh, but it was somewhat difficult to eat as the pulled pork was a little too saucy. As much as I like sauce, too much sauce makes the bread soggy.

Some friends recommended the Mac n' Cheese Pulled Pork Hoagie, and that's exactly what I got. With a side of tomato soup. Again the bread was very soft a fresh, the Mac and cheese was filled to the top and the juices from the pulled pork was caught by the bun. Loved, loved it! The soup on the other hand was not my cup of tea, it was a much too thick and had too much pulp so it kind of resembles apple sauce. As for the flavouring, it was a little too sour for me, if you're a fan of thick tomato soup then this would be perfect for you.

It was honestly the best hoagie I've ever had, in fact it was so good I wanted another one. But I had to control myself, so we had apple pie instead.

We ordered this last minute, so it took a while to prepare. The Apple Pie was serves along with a cup of creamy ice cream, the texture of the ice cream felt kind of like it was whipped, like melting marshmallows. The pie was filled with apples and it was just warm enough to melt the ice cream. My favourite part of this pie would probably be the apples themselves, I just love pie filling they're always so soft and sweet, and they always make my day better.

Its been 2 weeks since my last visit and I'm still thinking about it...


  1. Yum! How big was the hoagie?? Could you finish it yourself?

  2. the hoagie is slightly bigger than the average hot dog bun, the bread itself is really fluffy, I think there was more mac&cheese + pulled pork than bun. I'm an average girl in my 20's and i finished it all in the blink of an eye, however if you want to try other stuff you can always share with a friend!! =D

    Let me know how you like it!!