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A Ri Rang Tofu House 阿里郎嫩豆腐
140 - 5960 Minoru Blvd Richmond, BC (604) 285-5960 

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Came here with V one day after work. Was really impressed with the interior, really simple and clean with a touch of traditional decor.

After going through the menu, we got the bulgogi and seafood + beef stew combo ($16) to share thinking it would be big, turns out we were very wrong. The combos we saw on the menu compared the the actual dish was significantly smaller in size. As for the appetizers, there was literally less than a spoonful of bean sprouts on the appetizer plate.

The seafood and beef stew (medium spicy) was more spicy than "seafood", in fact you could barely taste the seafood at all. The combo came with an uncracked egg, not knowing what to do we asked the waitress who kindly told us that it is to be put into the soup. By the time we added the egg to the soup the pot was no longer hot and bubbling and the egg was left undercooked. Moreover there was very little beef in the soup that it'd probably be equivalent to one slice of hot pot beef.

When we went to pay, the man subtly hinted that we should have ordered 2 separate dishes/combos, saying that the combo was actually for one person.

Price:  $$

ConclusionThe frugal me wanted to come here in the first place because it sounded like a good deal and it just happened to be a Tuesday. Maybe I'll give it another try sometime down the road, but would probably not order a combo again.

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