Best pizza in Vancouver

Trilussa Pizza & Pane
4363 Main Street Vancouver, BC (604) 558-3338

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I've been really into Vancitybuzz recently, there's so many things about my city that I learn from this website on a daily basis. Life hacks, events, gatherings and the best or cheapest places to go grab a bite.

Which lead me to Trilussa. For those of you who know me personally, I love pizza. I can have it everyday, thick crust, thin crust, stuffed crust, cheesy crust, I love it all! But of them all I have to say Trilussa has to be my all time favourite. Particularly the brunch pizza.

I quickly scheduled a date with K, upon arriving we were greeted warmly by the friendly staff and owner. It took us a while to decide what we wanted because everything looked so good. Unlike the average pizza joint, you can't really buy their pizza as a whole or by slice, that is not an option. Instead you buy it by the inch!  5 inch or 8 inch.

In the end K got the Vancouver (salmon and organic salad) and I got the Trastevere (Pancetta, Mozzarella and Pecorino)

We were both very impressed with the quality of the pizza, both of them gets heated up again in the over before serving - that is if it wasn't already fresh. And if they don't have it out, they make it right away!

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I went back not to long ago, this time I tried the brunch pizza. If you have had this yet, you have to go try! I thought their pizzas in general was good until I had the brunch pizza, which had an egg on top of the pizza (my 2 favourite things, egg and pizza, which surprisingly taste superb together).

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