Portland: Sen Yai

Sen Yai
3384 SE Division St Portland, OR (503) 236-3573

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Was convinced to come here after learning about the 2.5 hour wait at Pok Pok. After a long day we were tired and hungry and on top of that it was pouring outside. We were all not willing to wait especially for 2.5 hours. 

Browsing on my phone I found someone on Foursquare that said Sen Yai was "Even better than Pok Pok". Plus it is owned by the same owners of Pok Pok, so can't be bad right?

Upon walking in, the restaurant was quite full, however there was no wait. We were approached by their friendly staff and was seated immediately. There was such a big selection of food on their menu it was almost impossible to decide on which one to choose. The exotic food names were rather difficult to pronounce too (I must give props to our server, he had to pretty much read the whole menu out for us)

In the end, we stuck to their best sellers. And Thai Ice Tea, because its so amazingly good. I'm really sensitive to caffeine and can easily get an allergic reaction, but I always down for thai iced tea, extra syrup of course. Everyone just stares at me as if I was a mad woman whenever I ask for it to be extra sweet, I just need my sugar fix sometimes.

Kuaytiaw Reua "Boat Noodles"


Phat Thai Ruam

Thai Ice Tea

Price:  $$
Food:     ☆ 

Conclusion: Best Phat Thai I've ever had and really nice soups. Want to come back again as soon as possible.

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