Hidden Gem: Penang Delight

Penang Delight (馬來檳城美食)
1316 W 73rd Ave. Vancouver, BC (604) 559-9898

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It was D and V's idea to come here for dinner, I had no idea what to expect, in fact I've been living in the area for over 10 years and didn't even know this restaurant existed because its was so hidden!

We arrived to find the whole restaurant packed! All Malaysian people. Thats how you know its good Malaysian food. As packed as the restaurant was the staff was so fast paced that one minute customers walk in and the next out.

The interior of the restaurant reminded us all of Asia, once we placed our order the food came out within 10-15 minutes. I was very impressed.

Grass Jelly Soya Bean


Cantonese Chow Fun

Hainanese Chicken

Penang Prawn Meehoon and Mee (Spicy)

Deluxe Curry Platter (Curry Chicken, Rendang Beef, Rendang Lamb)

(Forgot the name of this, but the fried part is mashed taro and on top is stir fry)

KL Hokkian Mee

Price:  $$$

Conclusion: I loved the atmosphere and the quick service, but certain dishes can be a little pricey.

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