Hashi Sushi Japanese Restaurant
150-3757 Jacombs Rd Richmond, BC (604) 445-6818 |

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So, K and I came across this little place while driving to ikea one day. It was late and we were hungry, we thought any food is better than no food. At first we were skeptical, it was in one of those office-warehouse complexes and there was no one eating there. And so I looked it up on Urbanspoon, to find a 86% rating on this little place. No more questions asked.

We sat down and found that the menu selection was quite small but they did have MANY dragon rolls (Red Dragon, Black Dragon, White Dragon... the list goes on.)

We got the Black Dragon and the White Dragon

White Dragon (Chopped Scallop)

Black Dragon (Unagi Tempura)

Usually we would order 5 different dishes at restaurants but at Hashi, 2 rolls was filling enough.

Price:  $$
Food:     ☆ 

Conclusion: Friendly service, in a hidden location. But have yummy sushi rolls and a wide selection of dragon rolls. We will be back!

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