Black Friday

Black Friday in Seattle

I have so many posts to catch up on but I thought I should update my trip to Seattle for Black Friday first since it was just 2 weeks a month ago.

It was kind of a last minute trip K and I have been talking about it for over a week, but never got around to deciding if we were going for sure. I only found at 6pm Friday night (when K got off work) that we were going to actually go, so I had no plans on where to go, eat and sleep. It took us 3 hours alone to prepare for the trip!

I was kind of doubtful at this time, because I like having everything planned ahead of time and because it was almost 10pm I thought the line up at the borders would be super long. Surprisingly, I was wrong. The border wait was less than 15 mins.

Here was our itinerary:

- Seattle Premium Outlets
- Best Buy
- Fry's Electronics
- Hotel (Pacific Executive Hotel)
- Northgate Mall
- Nordstrom Rack
- Westfield Southcenter

If you live in Seattle, without thinking you would know that something is wrong with the order of our itinerary. Shopping at the outlets took longer than we thought, by the time we were finished it was already 12:30am - 1:00am, we had to drive an additional 1.5 hours to get to the hotel which would give us 2:30am for our arrival time. We had to check out at 11am, giving us not many hours to sleep already, So, if we were to go Best Buy and Fry's it would probably take up another 1 - 2 hour.

Another issue that came up was that it was K's first time in Seattle so he had no idea where we were going or what he wanted to do. The hotel we booked was a 3.6-star in the heart of downtown, 1 block away from Louis Vuitton and Gucci and right beside the W Hotel.

I just have to say that for a hotel in the heart of downtown, The Pacific Executive Hotel was a disappointment. First of all, we arrived at 2:30am.

- there was no option for late check out
- the valet was full
- parking costed $25
- the building was old and has not been recently renovated (reason why I say this is because the elevator felt like it could stop any minute and the ceiling above the shower had huge cracks and looked like it was going to fall down)
- there was a glow stick hanging off the picture frame in our room
- the shower did not supply hot water so we had to change rooms in the middle of the night 

To be honest, it was the last 2 points that disappointed me the most. Lets just say I had higher expectations.

Infamous sign
Little girl playing the violin outside

 The generous people of Seattle

Within 5 mins... (see her violin box?) I mean she's so cute and talented, how can you resist?!?

 Inside the Public Market, too early = ="

Tye-dye clothing - haven't seen those since the 90's

Flower vendors

Anyways, when we woke up we headed to Pike Place Public Market looking for food, it was recommended by K's sister (very reliable source when it comes to food).

Busy making Piroshkies


We were told that Piroshky Piroshky and Clam Chowder were really good, so we had to go try it for ourselves. Unfortunately it was pouring throughout our stay in Seattle so K didn't want to walk in the rain for too long. We quickly grabbed 2 beef and cheese piroshkys and drove off to our next destination (Northgate Mall)

To our disappointment Northgate mall was smaller than we hoped for, the main reason why we wanted to go in the first place was because there was a Nordstrom Rack. None of us have been to Nordstrom Rack before but we've heard really good reviews saying how they have great discounts designer stuff.

I ended up buying a pair of Kate Spade rain boots and some make up.

- -  p i c t u r e s   w i l l   b e   u p d a t e d   s o o n  --

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