* * * F e a t u r e d !

Featured on the Campus Scene Section of Asian Post

I was helping out at the Vancouver Fashion Week when Wilson approached me, at first I thought maybe I knew him from somewhere because I do go to a lot of events where I meet new people all the time. He introduced himself and kindly asked me if I was interested in doing a shoot for Asian Post. I've never been featured in a newspaper before so I was ecstatic and quickly agreed! After all it's a great opportunity to gain more experience. For this shoot I teamed up with Wilson and Sarah to produce the following:

Sarah did a bolder look for me, I was a little nervous at first cause I felt that having bright bold lips would draw too much attention to me, but I kind of fell in love with dark pinky lips. It really makes my lips pop. 

What do you prefer? Subtle nude lips or Bold lips?


  1. Too scared to do bold ><"
    I like the subtle shimmery glossy light pink/ light orange :3 too bad my lips are darkly pigmented... SIGH

  2. I used to be obsessed with nude, I would use MAC in Hue just by itself, people would tell me I looked ill. I think the thing with nude is that you need to have really moisturized lips always and it really goes down to the perfect shad of nude for you. I've been looking into a brand name LIP TAR have you heard of it? I know they sell it at Sephora but the selection is really limited. :(

  3. In between...I like mauves and pinks.

  4. Love these photos- you look gorgeous in the lilac dress!

    1. Thank you! :) its by Jessica McClintock! They have to flirtiest cocktail dresses