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Patisserie Fur Elise
847 Hamilton street, Vancouver, BC V6B6A1 | (604) 684-1025 |

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- - - - - - Long awaited post no more!

I found out about this place through a friend's Facebook, she posted some pictures of the waitresses in cute outfits and the food. I just had to ask where this place was, because it didn't look like it belonged in Vancouver, it was simply too cute! Going high tea makes me want to dress up like a doll. pouffy dress, big hair, high heels, lace, pink! *self control*

I arrived a little early so I had to wait outside for a bit, as it turns out they open at 1:00 pm no earlier. I took advantage of the free time i  had to take pictures of the place, the location was very interesting, its actually at a heritage house on Robson st.

From the outside to the inside it was clear they wanted it to look like a dollhouse.

 I wasn't the only one waiting outside not long after my arrival, groups of people joined me in waiting to be let in.

Upon our arrival we were given a menu, for TEAS!

I got the blueberry yoghurt, it came in really fancy cups, each person had a different cup. I was so amazed i had to take pictures of everyones cup.

Next thing that fascinated me was their strainer, it looked like a littler bird fountain.

Simple and cute.

my tea set :)

this is how the strainer is used.

The goodies I put into my tea

As for the food, here is what we had:

Appetizer: Chocolate Mousse

Bottom Layer:

Top Layer:

There's something about high tea that when you look at the portions, they seem small, but when you actually get to eating it, you can never finish.

Patisserie Fur Elise also has a store front when you walk in where they sell their products!

and the macaroons

Food: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5

Overall : 5/5

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