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530 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6B2B7 | (604) 569-1158 |

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I know that Japadog has been around for many years now, but I never got the chance to try it out for myself. I've tried Grazy Dog, but not Japadog, I think its mainly because of the location. The reason why I rarely go downtown is because a) I'm lazy b) it takes forever looking for a parking spot and c) parking gets really expensive.

I was shopping with A a while ago when we got hungry a decided to go grab food, A recommended Japadog and was surprised that I had never had it before since it's been popular for so long. I know~~ no excuses… so I agreed to try. Its funny because I've lived in Vancouver all my life and I still don't know my way around downtown, it's nice to know my phone has GPS!!

I got the Tonkatsu <3

A got the Terimayo

What I liked the most about Japadog was their selection of sauces!

Honey Mustard, Wasabi and BBQ (and this is what we took to our table, there were more!)

The place is quite small so I guess they had to be smart when it comes to furniture etc. You know how girls like to shop and have bags and bags of stuff? Japadog put a "shelf" under the table so your stuff won't have to be on the floor! (kudos to the designer)

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  1. no I haven't, my stomach is quite small so I usually order just the burger or in this case hot dog. Are they goood?

  2. So many sauces > u < But I like mayo the best!